Strategic analysis

Is your University considering what choices it makes for its future and the direction it heads in next? Anna Verhamme can work with your institution to develop a clear analysis and presentation of your current strategic position and the strategic choices your institution can make. Anna will bring her excellent analytical skills to the job as well as her creativity and intuition, which will help broaden your perspective and challenge your thinking.

Developing compelling cases for change

Is your University considering making a change? Big or small – for change to actually happen requires wholehearted engagement from and with people. Anna Verhamme will work with you to articulate the case for change, focusing on the “hard facts” and the “soft stories”. Anna will bring an independent view and voice for any leadership team already familiar with the change needed.

Designing strategic project and implementation plans

Has your University decided to make a change or start a new project? Often new projects get initiated “on the fly” because time is precious. Anna Verhamme can bring the capacity and project management skills needed to design an action plan and get a project of a solid footing. Anna is pragmatic, hands-on organiser with a wealth of experience and foresight of what corners not to cut.

Providing recommendations through external reviews

Would your University benefit from an independent and external view on a project, a service, a culture or event? Anna Verhamme will through the lens of her intellectual curiosity, her knack for asking the tricky questions and her empathy and humanity take a fresh look at a complex problem your University may have been trying to solve.

Reviewing strategic and operational effectiveness of professional services

Are your professional services teams delivering the quality of services you need for students and staff? Anna Verhamme can work with your service directors to develop resilient and effective services which support your University’s purpose.

Governance effectiveness

Is it time for you to take a look at the effectiveness of your governance arrangements? Anna Verhamme can help conduct a review of performance of your governing body and your governance practices, in line with CUC guidelines and best practice in and outside the sector. Anna will make risk-based recommendations aimed at improving your current arrangements.