Anna Verhamme is a creative and inspiring senior HE leader with skills, understanding and experience in a variety of HE settings.

Anna has over twenty years’ experience supporting higher education both as a leader of University-wide specialist functions and of Academic Departments. Anna has been Director of Strategic Planning and Governance at Cardiff University, where she supported the governing body and the executive leadership team. She has been College Registrar of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Cardiff and College Registrar of the University of Exeter Business School, where in both roles she worked in partnership with academic leaders to develop the University’s core activities of teaching and research.

Anna has led transformational change, is a creative and intuitive thinker as well as hands-on organiser. She has strategically realigned central professional services, led a University transition from a School to College structure, developed and reshaped professional services in academic departments, and delivered digital transformation in online services and management information services. She developed the case for investment in the University of Exeter Business School, which led to a £25m capital development project.

Anna likes to work with fearless leaders, who value time to think, are not afraid to fail and learn, and want to make a difference.

Anna’s recent projects include external independent reviews of international projects for the University of Aberdeen’s Court and the University of Aberystwyth’s senior management team, the OfS registration for a number of small specialist provider based in London and the development and implementation of a strategic planning process.

Anna is an independent consultant, who continues to look to collaborate. She is a founding Director of HEdSpace Consulting and has worked jointly with Hugh Jones Consulting.

Anna’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Service reorganisation and improvement; development of local organisational cultures
  • Improving people engagement, team cohesion, purpose and performance
  • Strategic planning and strategic response to changed circumstances
  • Strategic sponsorship for institutional infrastructure projects (estates and IT)
  • Review and development of key business processes
  • Specification, procurement and oversight for implementation of IT systems
  • Carrying out extensive risk assessments
  • Generating alternative scenarios based on quantitative and qualitative information
  • Review of governance and management arrangements
  • Development of systems and frameworks to meet regulatory compliance (e.g. GDPR)

Anna graduated from the University of Ghent (Belgium) in Politics and has an MA from the University of Exeter in Women’s Studies. She is a Belgian and British national, attuned to different cultures and curious about life.